About Us

About Us


Cal Clean Connection was established to offer a complete commercial cleaning service solution!

We want to do our part by leaving the world a little cleaner than how we found it. We are passionate about what we do and that passion drives us to provide the best possible cleaning service that benefits our customers and our community.


It started with one woman who wanted to make a difference in her life and the lives of others. She saw a need in the cleaning services industry.  Sadly, the primary focus of most cleaning companies is profits to the exclusion of everything else. The customer experience, their employees, and the environment were left out of the equation. Her passion for cleaning and her belief that it was not only possible to provide excellent cleaning services, but that results are maximized when good care is given to the team of people providing the service and the environment is what led her to establish Cal Clean Connection, Inc.


A true believer in doing the right thing for our customers, workers, and the environment.


President & Founder

Karla, a native of Southern Californian with deep roots in the community, began her professional career in social services and later put her professional life on hold to raise her three children.

The decision to return to the workforce encouraged her to re-evaluate what she wanted from her professional life. She took a job with a local maintenance company as a favor for a friend. From the start, she knew that she had somehow landed in the right place, where her love of people coupled with the joy of seeing her hard work realized in real-time resulted in a perfect fit.

After spending many years growing her professional skills in this new industry, the opportunity to start her own business presented itself. With the encouragement of the friend she had originally done a favor for, she started Cal Clean Connection.


We are the cleaning service designed to bring you peace of mind. Contact us today to get a free quote.