Disinfecting Services

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Cal Clean Connection can help you assess or develop routine cleaning and disinfecting protocols, provide complete professional cleaning services or specified disinfecting services when you need it. We offer our expertise and a menu of cleaning for health options to fit your needs and budget.

Complete cleaning and disinfecting services

Cleaning services only

Disinfecting services only

Our disinfecting services utilize disinfectants listed by the EPA as effective against coronavirus. Our janitors are thoroughly trained on best practices regarding cleaning for health and safety.  We track and document our work, providing you with clear reporting of the cleaning and disinfection done.

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Upcoming in July

Cal Clean Connect will offer Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting Services or Disinfecting Services only that utilize Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayer technology. The Clorox disinfecting solutions are approved for use against COVID-19 and are specially formulated for hard and soft surfaces. The electrostatic technology ensures complete coverage of the Clorox disinfectant solution.