Does Your Company Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

The short answer is yes. Unless you are in the business of commercial cleaning, all business should strongly consider using an outside cleaning service. That may sound very self-serving coming from a cleaning service but there are some very real reasons why we feel confident saying this. The two most significant are costs and the environment.

Reasons to Outsource

The Cost in Cleaning Supplies, Labor and Liability

Depending on your business the cost of cleaning supplies may not seem like much but, like every other nominal cost your business pays, the small things begin to add up. Cleaning services purchase cleaning supplies in bulk at a reduced cost and those savings are passed on to you.

The labor involved from getting cleaning supplies to the actual tasks of cleaning is likely a more substantial cost than you realize. You pay a higher cost to have an employee, hired to perform business-related tasks, to clean. Why? Because most often the rate of pay is higher for your employees than those that perform janitorial related tasks and generally it takes more time for your employees to clean.

The work involved in the janitorial services may seem simple but, in fact, it is not. Employees not properly trained to clean exposes you to real liability. Individuals that perform janitorial tasks must be thoroughly trained in best practices and safety, according to OSHA standards. While you may not see a cost each month, the reality is that you place your business in the path of significant potential liability when you have your employees do the cleaning.

Efficient Cleaning that Protects the Environment

Beyond just using environmentally friendly cleaning products, there are environmentally focused cleaning practices. The focus is to reduce the amount of waste created while performing cleaning tasks. Each business that cleans in-house adds that much more to the waste created because cleaning in an efficient manner is often not a consideration. A good example of this lack of intention to protect the environment can be more easily seen when you consider the effects of washing your car at home versus a car wash. Your focus is to wash your car and when you do so at home your wastewater goes straight into the ocean. While a car wash business is focused not only in washing your car but many cars. This focus compels them to work towards efficiency in water usage and the treatment of wastewater. Now image thousands of individuals washing their cars at home. The very same can be said of, cleaning your business in-house.

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